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  1. Bad ground in fuel gauge circuit?

    Hey guys i have a '94 ford ranger 2.3L 5speed Manual, the fuel gauge goes back and forth randomly, which tells me everything in the cluster is fine as Far as wiring? If so that leaves me a few possibilities; -Bad ground in fuel pump or sending unit? I just bought this truck and thats pretty...
  2. Jr. Roy

    Engine temp. Gage - function: negative - 1989 Ranger

    My '89 2.9l EFI engine temp. gage has not worked since i bought it 4 years ago - anyone have similar problems? whats the best way to track down the engine temp. gage sensor - the haynes manual seem inaccucate and my local parts store had a two pronged senors whereas i thought i needed a single...
  3. Valve Lash Madness

    Valve Lash, Feeler VS Dial Gage Gone around both sides twice and still ticking like mad. Using my feeler gage is tough as I believe the area where the rocker arms contact the valve stems are pretty beat up. What I was wondering, Has anyone used a dial gage to set valve lash? What I was...

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