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  1. 351c Engine Swap

    So I am going to swap my stock engine with a 351 Cleveland and I was wondering while we were building it what kind of performance parts I would want and/or need, and then also what kind of exhaust would sound deep and mean on it. Thanks for the help.
  2. Adding a custom e brake?

    Hello, i recently purchased a 95 ford ranger with a 6 cylinder 4 liter engine, 2wd and needs a lot of work. but that's besides the point. I am really interested in the drifting scene and would like to know about possibly making a custom e brake for my truck. i am going to be swapping a 302 into...
  3. nesralyrrej

    Bet this will stump you

    So my 91 ranger 2wd is having an idling issue where at first start it will chug and die unless I rev the motor then it will run fine for a while then stumble and drop rpm, which is corrected by reving it up again and then it will idle fine again. The more interesting problem is only when I'm...
  4. aaron_ariens

    Centralia WA Meet, Jan 16th!!

    Hey guys, this is a copy from ranger-forums: Date: 1/16/10 Meet at Harolds Burger Bar: 727 South Gold Street in Centralia Time: 12 pm NORTH ENDERS: Meet @ Tacoma Krispy Kreme @ 1030 am - READY TO LEAVE AT 11 I went to this meet last time, it was fun. You guys should come!:D

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