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fuel rail

  1. FirstGenRanger

    Aftermarket Fuel Rail

    Has anyone ever found an aftermarket fuel rail for the 2.9l? Morana Racing makes one for the 4.0l but nothing comes up for the 2.9. I tried searching online, and within the forum but I was not able to find anything
  2. Fuel Rail Leak

    Hey everyone, I am new to this site, and this is my first post. I have a very serious problem that i cannot seem to solve. The fuel rail on my 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3L is leaking, there is rust on a couple spots. The fuel is dripping from around the part of the rail where the pressure regulator...
  3. 86 2.3 Fuel Regulator Replacement

    Anybody out there familiar with replacing the fuel regulator on an 86-era 2.3L gas engine? It looks like the fuel rail has to be pulled first...the screws into the regulator come up into the regulator from the bottom! Can I replace the regulator without having to pull the fuel rail??? Any...
  4. Torque Spec. for vin X

    Does anyone know the recommended torque for the fuel rail to lower intake on a 1999 ranger 4.0? My chiltons manual lists varied settings for other engines but this application is not even listed for the vin X model. I wonder if the Haynes manual is the same. Thanks in advance.