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fuel pump relay

  1. chuck_dungus

    Fuel pump relay wiring

    So... I am a bit confused. I've been having a fuel delivery problem and have narrowed it down to a loose fuel pump relay connection. My idea is to solder in a new fuel pump relay connector but I've run into a few issues. First of all, it seems like the connector in there now has two wires...
  2. stamina

    does 2.9 v6 have a fuel pump relay?

    does the 2.9 have a fuel pump really and if so where and what. thanks!
  3. Durasparked - no power to fuel pump

    I have completed my Duraspark on the 85' 2.8, and I have gone over everything a few dozen times. The trouble is that after removing all the junk as directed in the instructions, I now have no power to the fuel pump. The only thing I have doubts about , is when the instructions said to leave...
  4. 93 ford ranger dies while driving fuel pump still hums

    Hi guys I have a 93 ranger manual 2.3l and am currently waiting for a tow truck and am trying to figure out what is wrong while waiting. My truck suddenly shut off while driving no sputtering. So I pulled over and now it won't start again. I can hear the fuel pump click and hum. The engine will...

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