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fuel pump inertia switch

  1. Durasparked - no power to fuel pump

    I have completed my Duraspark on the 85' 2.8, and I have gone over everything a few dozen times. The trouble is that after removing all the junk as directed in the instructions, I now have no power to the fuel pump. The only thing I have doubts about , is when the instructions said to leave...
  2. 1995-1997 ford ranger no power to fuel pump

    i've checked the forums, most of the topics that related to this die down....unless it's somewhere else i can't find...wish there was a forum search or something.... I've checked all relays, fuses, inertia switch, replaced fuel pump, pulled apart every electrical connection and cleaned with...
  3. Fuel Pump Inertia Switch

    Can anyone tell me the symptoms of a failed Fuel Pump Inertia Switch? Should the reset button stay depressed when I push it in or pop back up? Also, is there an aftermarket option to replace, or am I stuck with going to the dealer? Thanks, Jesse.

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