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fuel line

  1. Replace leaking fuel link '94 Ranger

    My '94 Ranger developed a gushing leak in the fuel line coming out of the tank, just past the bend. I've gotten the bed up and exposed the top of the tank, and from a number of calls I've made it looks like the Dorman 800-056 nylon line is the one I need. I have located a source and all I need...
  2. fuel line issue

    Hey guys I've been searching but can't really find anything short of welding. It's an 86 2.9 ranger with a 5.0 efi SD out of an 87 Lincoln Town car. My problem is the fuel lines. Anyone know the best/cheapest way to adapt them? Thanks yall.
  3. Fuel Line

    94 Mazda B4000 4.0L 4x4 5sp, extended cab I'm looking for a little guidance on replacing the flexible fuel line(s) from the hard line that sweeps up inside the frame by the drivers fender to the threaded connection on top of the engine (mine split open at one connection, the other is fubar) The...

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