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fuel guage

  1. Wiring for Fuel Gauge in Dashboard

    Hi All, I was just wondering what wire(s) coming from the Fuel Pump Assembly goes to the Gas Gauge in the Cluster Panel? The Gas Gauge basically just shows whatever it wants, I tried to manually move it to after I made sure the tank was filled, but that doesn't seem to work. The issue was...
  2. OldMan89

    Can’t figure out my fuel guage

    My truck has a brand new in tank sending unit but my fuel guage doesn’t really work…some times I’ll start it up and BOOM it jumps right up but after about 3 minutes it has slowly made its way back down to empty. Not times it just downst move. I’ve checked connections and fuses but I am coming up...
  3. fuel guage not reading correctly

    I changed out the fuel pump and sending unit on my 93 ranger. when the gauge reaches 1/4 of a tank the truck will sputter and die, almost as if the gauge is correct but the fuel pump does not sit low enough in the tank. has anyone else had this issue??
  4. Fuel and Temp Guage

    Hello all, Quick question...so something is up with my fuel level guage and temperature guage. Majority of the time nether of them work. But every once in a blue moon the will both work. I figure it is a bad ground. Anyone know where that is located? Since they work and dont work together i...

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