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fuel control

  1. Need alternative for universal socket joint

    [UPDATE 19 July 2018-- we have a partial winner with the 3 screws extracted!! Winner is a Husky microratchet https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-1-4-in-Drive-Microdriver-Set-16-Piece-HMDS16PC/302905070] Hello! My first post could not get me what I want: Removal of fuel rails on my 3.0L 2004 ford...
  2. 85 Ranger 302 swap

    I need help with finishing up my 302 swap. It started as someone else's project, and my father got it for me as my first car. I thought I figured most of it out but now I need some help finishing it. I have a 92 302 H.O from a T-bird that is swapped to carb. The engine wiring is very pieced...
  3. Fuel Flow Problem

    A few months ago I swapped out the fuel pump as well as the fuel filter due to a no start situation and a verified no power to the fuel pump. Ever since this time, when I get below a 1/4 of a tank I have problems with idle when coming to a stop. Sometimes, it will die and other times drop to...
  4. System Lean - Fuel control

    I'm getting this error msg..System Lean - Fuel control...on my 1990 2.9l B2. I'm guessing this is computer related but am wondering if anyone knows how to repair. Maybe the fuel filter or fuel pressure regulator???

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