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front differential

  1. Dana 35 SLA center pin removal?

    Hi everybody, I'm working on replacing the bearings and seals in a Dana 35 SLA axle housing, but I can't figure out how to get the center pin past the ring gear! This differential has a 4.10 ratio and the ring gear is huge. Like, the pin is barely visible behind it so grinding the teeth down...
  2. sebastian323

    How to remove front axles -1996 4x4 Locking Hubs?

    I have a 1996 ranger manual trans, 4x4 with locking hubs. I want to remove the axles so I can pull the front diff to reseal it. I took off the hub lockers, and behind that there seem to be two nuts that have a sort of slotted drive . I imagine I need a special socket to remove these. Any idea...
  3. sebastian323

    Front differential leaking, safe to drive in 2WD mode with front hubs unlocked?

    My front differential on my 1996 4.0 4x4 5spd manual ranger xlt is leaking heavily , probably from the pinion seal. Can I leave the front hubs unlocked and 4x4 off and drive around even if the fluid in the front diff is low/empty while I get around to fixing the leak? Also, does transfer case...
  4. Front Differential Repair Pig removal.

    I’ve been chasing a moaning sound from the front drive train for a week now. I can’t figure this out. I pulled out the half shaft drove it- noise still there Replace both wheel bearings again (replaced in 2018) drove it noise still there. Pulled both CV’s drove it-noise gone. What’s left...
  5. 2001 ford ranger 4x4 front differential cover leaking

    hello i have a 2001 ranger 4x4 and the front differential cover is leaking and i want to take it off and fix it but where the motor crossmember sits and where the diff sits i cant get one of the cover bolts all the way out, anyone know how i can move the diff to get the bolt out?
  6. front differential leaking

    I got a 94 ranger 4.0 4x4 and just yesterday i took it out mudding and trail ridding to test out the manual hubs i just installed and it ran great!! but when i got home i noticed fluid leaking and it turned out to come from the front differential which is a dana 35. i have worked on 93 f150...
  7. Is a Dana 35 a direct bolt in for the Dana 28??

    I'm putting a 351W in my 85 BII and need to beef up the front diff. I've read about the Dana 35 swap, but no one has enough detail about wether i can just bolt it in and get a shorter driveshaft or if i need to replace the whole front Twin Beam. I'd like to be able to just unbolt the 28 and junk...

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