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ford ranger xlt 2.3

  1. 1990 2.3L Ranger Smoking

    my 1990 ranger burns white smoke from the rear of the engine after it has ran for awhile. it doesnt smoke or burn while it is running but as soon as i cut the engine off it smokes bad under the hood. its a thick white smoke. anyone have any idea what this could be? oil was low yesterday but i...
  2. Desert Rat 23

    Need help to i.d. a noise...

    Hey all, new to this site and this is my first thread. Searched for an answer but couldn't find it. Hope I'm not repeating an old covered subject. Got a '97 xlt 2.3L 4 banger with a noise I can't pin down. It's a knocking sound kinda like a diesel and kinda like that marble sound the 4.0's get...

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