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  1. stamina

    driveshaft/length difference of assembled 4wd trannies?

    what are the differences in driveshaft length/transmission length between m5r1, a4ld and fm146 4wd transmissions?
  2. stamina

    can you swap a 2wd tail housing with a 4wd tail housing?

    for example i found an m5r1 from the yard that is 2wd and i have the tail housing from another fm146 4x4 can i put the mitsubishi tail housing on the m5r1? or the one from my truck that i actually would like to use that has a manual shift lever.
  3. Fm145 replace bearings

    I have a fm145 in my 87 broncoII, and it was making a lot of noise in all gears other than 4th. So I figured bearings and pulled the trans. Have not broken the trans down much yet but can def notice the slop in the input shaft. Found bearing, seal, gasket, and synchro kits and am planning on...
  4. Transmission Picture Puzzle

    Transmission \ Transfer Picture Puzzle 1985 B2 with 2.8L and 4WD Transmission FM146 Transfer Case G2552 1350-21 150604 E57A-JB I'm trying to find out the correct 4wd selector for my 85 bronco as the one included with all the sellers misc parts has the wrong angle. So several questions...
  5. Auto to manual conversion

    I have an 88 Ranger 4X4 and my automatic transmission crapped out on me so I'm going to put in an FM146 manual into it what do I need to do to the ranger to make the manual work properly?

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