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  1. Broken flywheel teeth and pinging

    Timeline of what happened: - Bought 1991 Ford Explorer 4.0 ohv / 5spd in January 2021 in good condition. - Starter gives out a couple months later, seemingly just due to age. Replaced it with a napa reman. All is fine for a few months. - Engine starts having a pinging issue under load...
  2. MadMax_636

    Brand new starter grinding on start. Engine starts every time but seems to slip/ not catch all the time.

    1984 Ford Ranger 2.8L V6 5-Speed So, Ive installed a brand new starter. The starter never name this sound until I had a really bad stalling issue where I had to crank my car over every time it would stall. I never held the key tried cranking when it was running. The last time I started when...
  3. starter flywheel problems

    my fly wheel keeps getting chewed by the starter I have replaced it 4 times now and have ran out of ideas the shimming is fine of it is fine its like the teeth need to be bigger I cant understand how please help :icon_thumby:
  4. Starter problems?

    Hi I am new to this so this may not be the right section. But I was offroading with my 98 xlt and the next day I started the truck and not even a second after it started running i heard a slight grind from the starter I believe for only a split second. So I got under grabbed the starter an it...
  5. Mrtin

    new flywheel problems

    Hey folks. I'm installing a new flywheel on my 1992 2wd 2.3l liter manual R1. I am having great trouble lining up the flywheel. I can get at most four out of six bolts in place. I started to wonder if maybe I had a flywheel with a staggered bolt pattern. I double checked the parts number I...
  6. Flywheel shim

    Do I need a flywheel shim behind a new flywheel in a 1984 Bronco II? Vehicle came with transmission, clutch and flywheel removed. If one is needed, how thick. I see 040" shims for sale most often. Thanks for any help.
  7. 84bluebronco2

    New flywheel?

    Gonna pick up a clutch kit at autozone, so should I grab a flywheel? I don't have any shuddering, but my slave is leaking... Any advice? Thanks 84BB2
  8. flexplate bolts

    my felxplate sheared in the middle, i got the trans off and the plate off the t.c. but i cant get the bolts that held the flexplate to the crank, any i deas of what to do to get them off?
  9. spock1996

    Neutral Balanced 5.0l flexplate flywheel

    I have a 1995 5.0l that has been stroked to a 354ci, it was all balance to neutral with a neutral balancer and a aod flexplate with the weight removed. I now want put a manual in it and I think a i-6 300 flywheel will bolt up and is neutral balanced but since the aod flexplate has a big hole...

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