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flex fuel

  1. 2000 3.0l Engine Replacement Running Rough and No Power

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. So I bought a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0l automatic XLT 4x4 Flex Fuel 8th digit: V with 156k miles with a seized engine (cam synchronizer failed). It has been sitting for about a year and pack rats had chewed up the wiring harness a bit. I found a 3.0l engine out of a 99...
  2. Flex to Gas Swap

    I am looking at a motor to swap into my blown flex fuel ranger. The motor i found is a gas motor. What would I need to do to make it work good in my truck. would i need to pull the computer or what. Please help. Thanks
  3. '00 FF 3.0 TO '01 3.0 NON FF need Advice

    End result plan is selling both trucks (maybe make a truck bed trailer) I have a '00 Ranger FF that got T-boned, the engine is good because me and a friend rebuilt it a few years back. I purchased a '01 Ranger NON FF with a blown engine(212,222 mi) and have both engines out now. few key...
  4. Is there actually difference between the early 99 Ranger motors and late 99 motors?

    So I have been calling some junk yards looking for a new 3.0, and they ask me when it was made, it was made in 02/99, so my question would be what is different between say a 02/99 and a 09/99 Engines? And is there any reason that I could not get one out of any other 98-01/ non flex fuel ranger...
  5. flex fuel problems

    Have 1999 flex fuel ranger. Installed new pump, there were 2 items above pump 1 a pulse dampener and 2 ??????? I do not know, Still have only 55lbs on rail but it drops off at 2500 rpm. checked damper on right rail and ok. No codes and exhaust is clear. in line filter was replaced 100miles ago...
  6. Helpppp cooling system problems

    1999 Ford Ranger 3.0 Flex 4x4 Super Cab I recently replaced my thermostat and radiator cap because i was having an issue losing heat in the cab. The temperature gauge on my truck would warm up and then go to cold and then warm up to "normal" again. I flushed the coolant,radiator and heat. the...
  7. lucasruble

    2000 3.0L VIN "V" into a 1998 3.0L VIN "U". What needs to be replaced?

    2000 3.0L VIN "V" into a 1998 3.0L VIN "U". What needs to be replaced? Just picked up a 1998 Ranger with a 3.0L VIN "U" with a bad engine. Got a line at a yard on a 2000 3.0L VIN "V" Flex Fuel. What components need to be changed from the non-Flex Fuel motor to the Flex Fuel motor for proper...

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