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  1. DeathTrap

    Flatbed storage seals

    I built a flatbed for my ranger and welded in a custom storage box in the center, I have no idea on how to seal the top cover to keep water out, any ideas would be appreciated
  2. Gangwer296

    Totaled ranger

    Well, unfortunately I was rear ended by some kid too busy on his cell phone while I was waiting to turn into my drive way. In my beloved 1992 single cab 2.9 4x4 ranger. Keeping the truck vs letting insurance take the truck was only a 300$ difference so I kept it. I love this damn truck. Now I...
  3. Rusty88Ranger

    What's my Ranger worth?

    Hello all, new to this forum and looking for some opinions on how much this truck is worth. I have a 1988 Ford Ranger STX extended cab 4x4 5-speed manual with the 2.9l V6 engine. Miles shown on dash are around 60k miles but the odometer has rolled and least once so it has at least 160k...
  4. Ranger Flatbed

    I Built this in February as my regular beds front cross member was rotted out. Figured I would get more use out of a flatbed. Around $700 later, I have myself a new bed. Comes in handy around the farm. Thanks for looking.
  5. josuegdl

    Greetings from Mexico!!! 88 SAS.

    Here´s my truck what do you think?
  6. josuegdl

    SAS 88 flatbed finally finish!!!!

    OK, It's a Long Story, I'm not a good writer so Please be patient. My truck is a 88 xlt single cab with a long bed, at least IT was some time ago. She has been in the family for more than 15 years, she started on my father 's farm and work there 12 years. When my father sold the farm I stay with...
  7. Help the Newbe kid

    Can someone tell me if they have some plans for a flatbed with raised fenders and such I was on here last night for 7 hours and could not find the plans I want I have some pictures of the ones I want but for some dumb reason cannot upload them if you really are going to help email me and I'll...

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