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flat bed

  1. Gangwer296

    Totaled ranger

    Well, unfortunately I was rear ended by some kid too busy on his cell phone while I was waiting to turn into my drive way. In my beloved 1992 single cab 2.9 4x4 ranger. Keeping the truck vs letting insurance take the truck was only a 300$ difference so I kept it. I love this damn truck. Now I...
  2. 02 B4.0L Frame/Drive - 89' Ranger Front/Dog House?

    Hey Folks. My first post and question. Names Iron Ranger im from Ontario Canada, love the Ranger and B series would never buy any other truck, they never break down and they take a $hit kick,n. My First vehicle was an 89' Ranger black, jacked @ Chromed, was a sweet ride in the 90,s! and i MISS...

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