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filler neck

  1. Sportrally5

    Evap leak filler neck?

    Trying to pass CA smog and still have Evap leak on 1989 Ranger 2.9L. I built my own smoke tester and thought I connected and tested everything but must not have gotten all the way back the smog shop thought the gas tank filler neck was likely. Any tips on best place to connect to smoke test that...
  2. Dual Tank Ranger owners: Are the filler necks the same part number?

    I replaced my original bedside with a dual tank bedside. I then removed the front tank and installed a rear tank instead. Over the years that this project sat, I must have misplaced the original filler neck. Unfortunately I can't find a part number for the rear tank filler neck. Is it safe...
  3. 1987 fuel filler neck cross compatibility

    Greetings everyone. You're looking at a newbie here. Not only a Ranger newbie but a Ford one as well. Well, not totally, I did have a 1967 Mustang 29 years ago. I have a quick question for all of you knowledgeable Ranger aficionados. As I'm all of you are aware, fuel filler necks are scarce...

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