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  1. Acgallen

    Fender Compatibility From 83 to a 92

    I'm fairly new to the Ranger scene as I just bought one. I couldn't seem to find any discussion posts on body parts that would swap from certain years. I have a 92 Extended Custom and I love the 83-88 fender/front, so i'm wondering if the body lines and front/hood would line up the same. I...
  2. Removal of front fender on 85 Ranger

    I was wondering how difficult it was to remove my left front fender to straighten out a dent from a fender bender, could I be able to beat it out without taking it off of would it be best to take it off? I see 4 bolts on top, 2 behind the headlight and one on the inside of the door opening, I...
  3. 95ranger2.3

    Edge nose conversion?

    I have a 95 Ranger and need pretty much the whole nose replaced after hitting a deer. Could I "bolt on" an Edge nose without much hassle? I am looking to change everything besides core support (already new) and inner fenders.
  4. Where To Find Dual Sport Mud Flaps???

    We recently had a pretty good snow storm and a couple of the STUPID plastic mud flaps on my B3000 DS are barely hanging on. Does anyone know where to find replacements or better yet wider ones that will cover my 31x10.5 BFG's? Ive done quite a bit of looking online but I cant find anything
  5. r1hatman

    fender flare pictures

    Does anyone have any pics of older ranger with the OEM fender flares like the ones on LMC?:icon_confused:I'm thinking about putting those on my 83 to protect the fenders when I 4 wheel. Thanks :icon_thumby:
  6. 1989 ranger front fender

    it got too dark out for me to do much of anything with a few dents in the front fenders.. i found 4 screws under the hood, and 3 in the tire well, does anyone know if I need to pull the headlights for more?

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