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  1. Radiator help!!! Urgent

    1996 Lone Ranger 5.0 efi GT-40 heads Howdy, I’m having some trouble fitting a good fan, I have about 2 inches between water pump and radiator, I’m using the 4.0 double core radiator, Wondering if anyone could find me an electric fan, or an idea on how to Cool this small block
  2. Inconsistent Coolant Temperature

    Not sure if the old signature I made a couple years ago will show, so I'll start with the specs. 2000 Ranger 2.5L I4 Lima Engine I replaced the thermostat and thermostat housing (that includes temp sensors) about a year ago with OEM Motorcraft parts. I noticed the winter after that, that the...
  3. CoreyTilton

    Electric Fans and Shrouds? anyone?

    hey guys, I have an 83 Ranger with a 5.0 HO swap (injected, want to say its probably an 89) previous PREVIOUS owner did the swap, now im here putting together the pieces. in addition to the mustang's engine, transmission, rear end, and various other parts, the owner put the stock (or stock...
  4. JimRummy

    Standard or Severe Duty Fan Clutch?

    Im looking to replace my fan blade and clutch when I do my waterpump soon, and just wanted some thoughts on what provides the most cooling without sacrificing power. I know its usually a trade off, but im looking at hopefully something like -10% HP + 25% more efficient cooling, not -20% HP + 15%...

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