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explorer swap

  1. New here, 1999 xlt 2wd manual want to swap 5.0 HELP!

    Hello everyone, thanks for having me and thanks in advance for you help. Got the 2.5L 1999 xlt reg cab 2wd manual and want to do the 5.0 swap. Searching for the best donor vehicle. Do i stick with a 98+ and deal with PATS or earlier model and deal with fuel system differences? Also i want to...
  2. Explorer axle swap retaining spring under?

    Anyone ever swap in an explorer axle and retain the spring under? Did it work out? I'm wanting to flip my ranger to lower it and if I can upgrade at the same time might as well, right?
  3. 97 3.0 swap to 05 4.0 need tech help please

    i need help.. i want to swap my 3.slow out for the 4.go. i have a 97 ranger. i need to know if a 4.0 from a 2005 explorer will just bold right in. motor mounts the same location? transmission mounts in the same location? drive shaft differences? i have looked all over the net and cant find any...

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