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exhaust manifold

  1. 02 ford ranger 4.0l exhaust manifold removal

    Hey guys just picked up some headers for my 02 ranger but im seeing that its quite the job to get out the left and right exhaust manifolds. Are there any tips to make this any easier?
  2. ant.xlt.96

    Removing Heads - Stuck exhaust manifold bolts

    Tearing down the engine in my 96 4.0 OHV v6 to replace head gaskets. I've got the passenger side head removed, but the driver's side is a PITA! I've been able to remove 2 of the 6 bolts going into the head, but don't have enough clearance with my 1/2" drive breaker bar to get the leverage it...
  3. loud ticking in intake manifold?

    I was got caught up in some deep water and stalled out. This happened twice, only the second time when we finally got it started there was a loud ticking from the manifold area. the second time i came in a little fast and splashed quite a bit, which is why i think it could be intake manifold...

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