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  1. stamina

    where is EVAP purge solenoid/valve

    i’m about to take the bed off the truck to do a few other things and i would like to replace this if it’s under there, haynes manual says it’s in the engine bay on the 2.9v6 but i just don’t know where to look
  2. Couple of Issues

    Ok, so I am currently having a couple of issues. 1. My 2001 4.0L shakes when its at idle. It's not a massive or alarming shake but it's definitely not supposed to do that. 2. I am trying to figure out where the EVAP solenoid is located. Need some help. Just started doing my own work on the...
  3. Need help!

    I have a 99' Ranger XLT 4.0 Bought it off a buddy and got some codes read. I'm getting P0171 and 0174 - bank 1 and 2 too lean. not sure what that means. google tells me a million different things. I bought all new intake manifold gaskets but have no clue how to go about changing all of that...
  4. Check engine light-rough idle(Evap plug fault?)

    I am having a problem with my 95 ford ranger. It's an xlt and has the 4.0 v6 and is a 5 speed. My check engine light has been on and it comes up "Evap plug fault" when i plug a computer into it. The truck also has a tendency to have a rough idle(fluctuates) when I pull up to a stop sign, etc...
  5. Whats Wrong with my engine, trouble code p4133

    I have a 1996 ford ranger v6 4l. A few months back my check engine light came on, so I read the code and it came back as (p1443 evap emission contol valve). I also have a loud vacumm noise coming from the engine bay when im idleing, as well as poor gas mileage (~10mpg city). Anyone know what the...

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