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engine swap for v8

  1. Not able to accelerate after about 25 to 30

    Been on this site for a long time, never posted anything though,so I've been building this for a few years now, it's a 91 ext cab what was a 3.0l Vulcan, now a 302 v8, I know about the explorer fead, I'll be changing to that in the future, currently it runs and drives, when i get going about 30...
  2. Ranger Delema

    I have a delema today and I was trying to get some opinions. So i have a 1995 Ranger XLT 4.0 and i love fast trucks and big trucks. I was wondering if i should do an engine swap for a 302 to make it quick or put a reasonable lift and put decently big tires on it. Realistically not looking to...
  3. '92 XLT in DC

    Hi there, Very excited about finally picking up my first Ranger tonight, a '92 XLT 4-cylinder with the R1 transmission. 165,000 miles, 2-owner truck with new clutch and tires. Almost completely bone stock, other than a Leer bedcap and kooky carpet job in the bed. California truck with Wisconsin...

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