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  1. chevy leaf swap bushings?

    Do the chevy 64 inch leaf springs use the stock ranger leaf spring bushings? I just purchased a set of polyurethane bushings for my stock springs, but then I learned about this swap and want to do it, but don't want to get rid of my new bushings
  2. Ford 7.5" to 8.8" swap

    Hey, so I think I know my answer to this, but I got a Ford 8.8" axle out of a 01 ranger 4x4. I wanted to swap it into a 1997 ford ranger 2wd. Is there any kind of modifications I need to do to the 8.8 or should it just bolt straight in? I'm pretty sure it should bolt in but I understand the 4x4...
  3. couldnt find a place this actually fit

    is there anyway to tell if i have lockers in the front without taking it apart? when i have the hubs locked and in 4wheel and turning the front end jumps like crazy, its almost anoying. Is this something thats normal or is my front end locked or maybe something broke? Sorry if there is a place...
  4. ranger rearends

    first question is i have a 99 ranger 2wd 4cyl. i'm going to gues it has the ford 7.5inch rearend i just want to make sure though. second question what is the stock gear ration? thanks for the answers

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