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  1. Blue_Bunny72

    Complete Front Suspension Rebuild

    Hey guys, I've got a 98 4x4 with ~160k and it's having some major front-end issues. Over every bump it squeaks like a mofo, the front wheels are considerably cambered, and when braking there is a knocking noise and it feels like the wheels are wobbling. I'm gonna blame it on the 32x11.50r15s and...
  2. fixizin

    Do MOOG (blue) "thermoplastic" bushings ever "bulge" when torqued down??

    Do MOOG (blue) "thermoplastic" bushings ever "bulge" when torqued down?? Just installed the most excellent Moog K7275 repl. end links on my 29mm front sway bar ('cause the OEM bushings finally disintegrated). Moog uses a beefy 7/16" bolt for the stems, vs. the 3/8" OEM, and the 4 bushings per...