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electrical issues

  1. Forlorn

    Bronco II Ignition Coil wire fallen off and won't start?

    Hello! So I recently picked up a 1985 Ford bronco 2 2.8l v6 as more of a project vehicle I can learn from. Either way, used to run, but now it doesn't after I gave it a tuneup lol so I'm trying to track down what got it not starting, So, I've checked for spark on sparkplugs got em, got...
  2. 2.9 to 4.0 swap electrical wiring question! PLEASE HELP?

    Ok I’m new to the ranger station have read many write ups on the 4.0 swap but first time posting. Original Vehicle: 1992 Ford ranger STX 2.9 4x4 manual trans donor vehicle: 1994 Ford ranger XLT 4.0 4x4 manual trans I actually done a chassi swap left all harness intact with the motor and...
  3. New Alternator not Charging after Direct Short

    My 1994 Ford Ranger 3.0 has been having an electrical issue that revealed itself the other day by catching fire. I had a major direct short on my blk/org B+ alternator wire in between my inline fusible link and the starter solenoid relay. While the truck was running the short was not complete...
  4. Nicworrell94rangwr

    2000 4.0 Wiring Harness Help

    So If anyone viewing this has seen my other threads they relate to this. The previous owner cut back the old wiring harness but left five wires out, I’m wondering what they go to. Keep in mind he races trophy trucks and builds prerunners. I have an idea of what they go to but not entirely sure.
  5. 2.3L ('83-'97) 97 ranger with many problems (has 2.5l motor)

    ok so to star'm very versed with 2.3l rangers, previously owned a 96 ranger with a 2.3. I just bought another ranger since I had to scrap mine. Im gonna start with background so there's a full understanding. So bought it from a buddy of mine, he did not notice any of this until I pointed it out...
  6. 83 Ford Ranger Jumpstart instantly turning over

    So I have a 83 Ford Ranger and I went to start it after 4-5 days of it sitting and it was clicking so I thought it was a bad solenoid. I replaced that and went to start it but my battery was dead so I jump started it and right when I hooked up both of the jumper cablesthe engine started to turn...
  7. 1983 Ford Ranger electrical issues

    So I just bought my first truck and it was running fine for the first 3 days and out of no where it wouldn’t start I tested my voltage on the battery and I was getting 3volts I tried jump starting it and nothing happened still would not start so my buddy said battery is toast so I went and...

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