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egr valve

  1. JohnG

    EGR valve control solenoid question

    Dumb question of the day... Is the EGR valve control solenoid supposed to make a noise after I turn the truck off? It’s tough to describe but it’s a buzzing sound that lasts 1-2 seconds. Getting code 31. Also looking for vacuum leaks. ‘86 STX with 2.9 Thanks all!
  2. New member/Old ranger

    Hello. New to this web forum, but old Ranger owner. I have owned my 1995 Ford ranger for 20 years. nothing special about it, but it is a Ranger XL 2WD, 2.3 litre 5 speed, regular cab long box, with 330,000 km. I increased the rear suspension by adding 2 extra leafs, and would really like to...
  3. egr tube and interchangeable parts.

    so, i just got this truck and the hole in the manifold was plugged and the tube is gone and the egr was open. having trouble finding a replacement egr tube. removed the egr valve and plugged the hole for a quick fix but am losing power going into first and sometimes second
  4. Troubleshooting EGR Error Code P0401

    Hello fellow forum members - Long time lurker that's picked up lots of useful information, but am now in need of some help. I'm working on my 1996 Ranger with a 4.0L. It has the P0401 EGR Flow Trouble Code. I've read countless postings on here to try and learn as much as I could. From what...
  5. tranny conversion on 4.0 ranger

    i have a 96ranger xlt with the 4.0..runs great except the tranny i just put in shit out and i hear the automatics always have the same problems so im thinking about goin to a manual i was wondering what all parts i would need that arent there since im sure sumone on here has done it i know ill...
  6. EGR Valve bypass

    I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0L auto 4x4. I just had to replace the driver's side exhaust manifold due to a crack in it. I replaced it with a manifold that doesn't have the provisions for the EGR Valve. After doing the swap I did some more research and it appers nobody offers an OEM manifold like...
  7. EGR valve replacement

    hey guys i need to replace the EGR valve heard it was simple looking for some pointers on it, i tried looking in the tech library and didn't find anything. If the answers im looking for is somewhere else just tell me where to go don't want to clog up the threads, thanks !
  8. Running Warm, Check Engine Light, Hiccupping

    Afternoon all - I've got a '94 Ranger with the 4.0 ltr. A week ago the check engine light came on while I was rolling down the road. I noticed the engine also begin running warmer and hiccuping while I was driving. The KOEO test indicates a 327 and 332 error (KOER test popped the same, but...

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