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  1. A4LD_Nghtme

    Is the 2.9 SEFI, MFI or just regular EFI? OBDi Cylinder Balance test

    Hey there, I want to perform a cylinder balance test with my Innova OBDi reader but am not sure if the 1990 2.9 is SEFI or not. It says in the manual it's only for SEFI so I don't know whether I can perform this test or not. Please let me know if there's a way to do this test if it isn't. Thank...
  2. 2.0L ('83-'88) 2.0 carbed to 2.3 efi help

    Hey there, my 2.0 block decided to blow up recently. Finding a new to me 2.0 block in my area is proving to be near impossible. There is however an early 80’s ranger with a 2.3 efi at a junkyard here where I can get the whole motor for cheap. I’m hoping someone can tell me where to look for a...
  3. 84 Ranger 4.0 swap

    I’m going from a carb’d 2.8 to the 4.0 OHV out of a 94 Ranger. I know that I should swap gas tanks for one with a fuel pump, but I’m wondering if I can just go with an in-line pump and keep my original tank. Found one on jegs 43psi so that’s right in the ballpark, but do I have to get a pressure...
  4. Hello

    Hi, name's Jesse and this is the first time I have ever used a forum. Been look on therangerstation for a while, and now have started my own project. I have a 1992 Ranger super cab. Ford Norfolk was the first owner, then my father, and now me (he got tired of me borrowing it). Swapping the...
  5. Efi intake manifold removal?

    So there is a small bolt that requires a torx bit in the center of the manifold on my 5.0L 302 and I have no idea what size it is or what I need to get to it? Any advice??? Thanks
  6. F150 engine/parts

    found an 89 f150 in the locals and was wondering if anyone had used the engines from these trucks. I get the whole truck with a manual transmission and was wondering how compatible they are. Figure the axle will be too wide but other than that anyone know the matchup? If its too much trouble...

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