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  1. e85

    anyone here running ethanol? having issues with cold starts, and recently alternator went out, gonna replace with higher amp alt, but just wondering if anyone else on here ran into a similar issue when switching to e85 and how u went about troubleshooting. 2000 3.0 ranger, 5spd. ty
  2. e85

    hi everyone! first actual post on here so bare with me... 2000 ranger 3.0, 2wd manual trans recently learned that 99 and 2000 3.0 rangers take flex fuel, have the V in my vin too, so decided to go for it and fill up with e85 since theres a station right by my house. seems to be running a bit...
  3. Shiner

    In 1925 henry Ford told the New York Times, "Ethanol is the fuel of the future." For the last three years I have been using 30% to 92% mixtures of ethanol in my vehicles. I like the results as compared to the hated 10% mixtures found at the pumps. My goal is to optimize my 98 ranger for alcohol...

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