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  1. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) want to run carb and dizzwop setup on 88 ranger block/head in 1990 ranger

    i have a 1988 ranger 2.3 4 cylinder block + head + accessories, and i want to run as close to the latest model carbed versions of the 2.3 engine (2bbl carb whatever) as possible, i want to use an original ford 2.3 aluminum intake made for a carb. which vehicles have the carbs and intakes i need...
  2. Distributor for a 2.8 Duraspark Conversion?

    Im trying to get the ranger running, but I cant find a distributor anywhere for it, its been converted to duraspark, I just cant find a distributor anywhere that will work, any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated Just in case, its a 2.8 V6, 1984 Ranger
  3. Ignition cluster F***

    I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction... excluding the mental health clinic, this is only an automotive issue. I'll deal with the voices later, for now I'm dealing with TFI nightmares, duraspark dreams and the reality of neither. I have a 1985 ranger with the 2.8 that I...
  4. Duraspark conversion Help!!!

    OK, Have a 83 ranger with 2.8, just did duraspark conversion and installed holley 2 barrel. Can't get the truck to fire up. thought it was a flooding issue, but cleared all cylinders with blow gun and still won't fire. Cranks over just fine, was getting a spark when took plug out. Any...
  5. Duras park ignitions

    The 302 I'm putting in my ranger might have a duraspark II, but it is currently full injected and I plan on changing it to carbureted. Will The ignition still work in my 91' which was originally a 4.0L?
  6. Ford Duraspark II Ignition Module

    Hello folks. I just bought some doors and a fender from a man who gave me the motivation to go with the Duraspark conversion... Well I am not sure where to find the Duraspark II Ignition Module... Does anyone on here have one for sale? I would be happy to buy that and any other Duraspark parts...
  7. ignition, alternator, wiring

    im swapping an 84 5.0 into a 89 xlt ranger if posted this before but i havent understood the answers fully. i need everything how to wire all the electric engine components (not sensors) like the ignition starter voltage regulator and the alternator an indepth picture or explanaion would be...

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