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  1. Transfer case shift motor for 2007 Ranger 4.0l 4x4?

    Hey everyone, I've searched around but couldn't find a straight answer to this; I need to replace the transfer case shift motor on my 2007 Ranger 4.0L, and I've found two parts that look like they should work: the Dorman 600-807 and the Dorman 600-931. Websites say that you need the 600-931...
  2. a2thy

    OE-style Aftermarket Radius Arm Quality?

    I need to replace the driver side radius arm on my 2wd '97 Mazda B2300 but didn't want to shell out the much steeper price for an OEM replacement unless absolutely necessary. I figured I'd check and see if anyone here had any experience good-or-bad with the Dorman, Mevotech, or any aftermarket...
  3. adsm08

    Lighting Control Module

    Ok, the LCM on the Crown Vics was a big problem. Found this fancy repair kit that is another module that plugs in inline with it for a customer and gave them that as an option along with the option to replace the module with a Ford one or a Napa one. Well the Ford module is over $500, the Napa...
  4. Replacing the rubber plugs in a M50D-R1

    I found in the Manual Transmission tech page that I have a M50D-R1, and that all three rubber plugs need to be replaced. I'm planning on changing out the tranny fluid any way and want to go ahead and replace those plugs when I do it. I was able to find the Dorman cup plug P/N 555-108 but not the...

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