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  1. Otis413

    Quick question on door wireing connections

    I'm getting ready to swap all 4 doors on my 02 ranger, (swapping with an 04 parts truck) is there a single plug on the harness that goes from the door to the body? is it behind the kick panel or inside the door itself (front) and same question for the rear doors, would they be behind the plastic...
  2. Bronco II removable doors

    I decided that I wanted to remove my doors and put quick release pins so I can get almost a Wrangler type set up more or less. I did some research on it and just couldn't really find much. So I'm posting this so maybe the next guy doesn't have to look so hard. The biggest worry for me was the...
  3. are the door panels the same

    are the door panels the same in my 1995 explorer (bound for scrap) as in my 1995 ranger the explorer has a light blue interior (dash seats trim everything) i think would look good in my ranger
  4. rear door latches not latching?

    Hey guys and gals- I just recently bought a 2002 4-door Ranger (4x4 Edge) and am slowly learning about it and coming up with questions. This seems like a dumb question to me, but I have to ask--the upper part of the rear doors should not be able to be pulled away from the body when the door is...

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