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door handle

  1. 83-88 ranger door handle repairs

    Hey y'all, I figured I'd post this since it's an issue I have had for a while I have a few first gen rangers, and at some point or another all of them have had the issue with the door grab handle breaking at the front mounting screw. I also have a 3D printer and a license of Solidworks, so I...
  2. neutronranger

    2001 drivers-side door latch just broke, advice requested

    About a week ago, I tried to open my driver's side door and nothing happened when I pulled the inside handle. So, I've been opening the window and opening with the exterior handle. It works, but it's awkward. Is it easy to get to the broken part of the door latch mechanism? Is it easy to...
  3. robmedina

    97 ford ranger exterior door handle

    I have 2 questions- THE SCENARIO- I just changed out my drivers door handle with one I got from autopartswarehouse.com. I got the new one in and got the actuator to work (unlock the door) and put the door panel back on. Closed the door opened it, closed the door and opened it a second time and...
  4. Replacement Drivers Side Door Handle (2003)

    The first of many issues with the work truck that i was assigned to fix and use to get me around the farm: a broken outside door handle. Since these are flimsy plastic pieces, I went ahead and bought two metal door handles to replace them. I was able to figure out how to get the inside door...

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