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  1. 95 Explorer 4wd Donor for 93 Ranger 2wd

    I am looking at getting a rusted out 95 Explorer 4WD as a donor for a 8.8 rear swap to lower my 93 Ranger. Want to hear from all you experienced guys about what else I could salvage from this thing to use on my truck. Thanks.
  2. Axle donor questions ?

    I have an 88 BII, 5 speed, manual shift transfer case, manual hubs, 3.45:1 gears. I want to upgrade to a Dana 35 and 8.8. I want 4.10 differentials and a rear limited slip. I also want Explorer leafs and about an inch of lift. I am going to run 235/75/R15 tires. Was the 4.10 LS common in the 91...
  3. natmanjoh

    possible 351 swap

    normally wouldn't post questions like this and research it instead, but time is short. all my research was for a 302 swap and i was dead set on it. then my wifes co-worker said she had a lightly wrecked bronco (all body damage, engine still runs) that she doesn't want in the yard anymore ($300...