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  1. BrooksK

    DIY 93-97 Fog Light Brackets

    I made a comment in another thread that I made my own fog light mounts/brackets. A few people were interested to know how I did it. I used aluminum angle stock. The bumper has existing bolts near the fog light location. You can see where the existing bolt is in my picture. I drilled for that...
  2. Guide rig

    What’s going on everyone!!! I got a 97 xlt 4.0 4x4 I just purchased a leveling kit and 4 shocks from rough country and having 31 10.50 put on the factory 15 in wheels. I guide for elk and deer in the fall and this trucks primary purpose is that. Does anyone have drawing or good pics for a...
  3. DIY camshaft sensor sync tool

    A neat little tutorial on how to jury rig a camshaft sensor sync tool for the Mazda Ranger trucks, if the parts store is closed or your finances are stretched do to the pandemic its fast cheap and dirty but works
  4. sauceman

    Custom made Mazda Centercaps

    I've searched through countless salvage yards and could not find any center caps for my Mazda B2500, Instead of paying a pile of money to buy them online, I took some center caps off of a ford ranger, and made them into Mazda caps. I used some Bondo to remove the ford logos from each cap...
  5. tiny house in the bed of my truck?

    howdy y'all! i'm wanting to build a wooden framed teeny tiney house in the bed of my truck. i'm wondering about suspension things? is there anything i should know about putting permanent weight on my truck before i do it? anyone have experience in this? thank you!
  6. DIY: Fender Well Trim

    Difficulty: 2 out of 10 Time to Install: 30 Minutes Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to you, the installer, take full...
  7. Five

    Bumper Fix

    The front bumper of my 99 ranger xlt is bent, and i'm looking for a cheap or diy fix, not a cheapskate but parts are expensive and I can do it myself I will. I've wanted a custom from bumper for it but never knew where to look for one, that being the alternative to fixing it or diy fix it till I...
  8. Hola hola

    Howdy bonjour buenos... First time ranger-owner-DIYer in Miami, FL, looking to get to know how cars work by means of a '98 XLT 3.0L V6 4x4 5-speed. Blows my mind how many rangers roll around this city, if you watch you can spot 5 a minute easy. Got dragged on the buying price but after diving...

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