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  1. changing 8.8 open diff to posi

    What's up guys. My '95 XLT Super has an open diff 8.8 and I'm considering completely redoing the drivetrain. Engine is either going to be a 302 or a 351 with gt40 heads. What I'm trying to figure out is if it would be easier to swap internals in the diff or if I should just go find an explorer...
  2. Blacked-Out FX4

    06 Ranger to discs?

    I have an 06 FX4 so i have the 8.8 rear with the 31 spline axles. I was wondering how easy or difficult it would be to convert it to disc brakes. From what I understand its the axle axle as the explorers except for the spring and shock mounts. any assistance would be much appreciated. I work at...

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