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  1. Fuel pump and now no working truck

    Okay so yesterday morning after I got to work I realized my fuel pump didn't shut off. But then after a few minutes it shut off on it's own. Then after work I drove home. It wouldn't shut off again but at all this time. I looked a few things up on the internet and nothing worked. It turns over...
  2. 302 dead spot need help!

    hey i have a 302 i recently swapped into my ranger.. when i hit the gas full throttle starting from 850rpms(idle) it takes like a full second literally before it kicks in and doesnt have "great" throttle response compared to others ive heard and the whole deacceleration back down its popping...
  3. 1988 BII - No Start (Wont even crank)...

    Drove my truck to the store a few weeks ago and when i got back in it to leave, it wouldnt even try to crank....Sometimes when i key on, the dash lights come on, other times they dont. When they do come on, as soon as i turn the key to the start position they truck goes dead (electrically). In...
  4. meskater132

    New Battery Sounds dead

    my new( new to me) bronco II sounds like it has a dead battery everytime i start it. it will start just sounds like its about to die. i replaced the battery and terminal clamps still does the same thing. any answers on what may be wrong is my starter going out? :bawling:

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