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  1. AC Duct work question, plus restoration progress update: more rust, leaks, quarter windows, and the dashboard!

    I hope the pandemic has been kind to most of you. Little by little, I've been chipping away at the B2. After many failed attempts, I finally got the rear seats out which was the only thing (minus the dash) keeping me from having a stripped interior. The two bolts with T50 heads right by the...
  2. Dashboard Lights Replacement

    On a 2002 Ranger XLT... What are good ways to replace all the dashboard lights. Half of mine don't work. I presume this means getting the list of bulbs, procuring the bulbs, taking apart the dashboard, installing all new bulbs and then reinstalling the dashboard. That seems like detailed...
  3. Dash board material?

    Does anybody know what the material on a 1999 xlt ranger dash board is? If I can remember correctly the top is kinda soft? Is it vinyl or just normal plastic?
  4. Dash removal?steering column

    I have a 1997 Ford Ranger 4.0 Automatic 4x4. The dash in the truck is destroyed by the previous owner. I removed a dash from a 1996 Ford Ranger 5 speed. My questions are- Will the wiring harnesses match up? Especially with the current steering column. You also have I think what is called the...
  5. Heater core replacement on 1996 ranger

    This is probably obvious but Im going to post it anyways. I have been on the internet a good part of the day trying to find this. After all that research, the info i needed was in my own backyard. Im replacing my heater core in my 4.0 1996 Ranger and its a pain in the ass...

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