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  1. Issues with Cv Axles 2002 Mazda B4000/Ranger

    I recently rebuilt the front suspension of my 2002 Mazda B4000/Ranger. I installed rebuilt Cardone CV axles but even with new seals on the Dana 35 SLA they are leaking -- I suspect maybe ground down sealing surface too much or bad splines?? The OEM Ford or Mazda Axles are NLA and everthing else...
  2. SniperJJ10

    2007 4.0 5 speed Front locker options

    I've done some research in finding a front locker for my truck. I can find that my truck has the dana 35, but I can't find how many splines it has. Is it the same as the 28 in the factory rear axle? If so, what are my best options for cost vs quality for a front locker? Any help is appreciated...
  3. groovygriffy

    ring and pinion HELP

    does any one know if a 2000 ranger with standard pinion will work for my 1996 with a high pinion... both splines, diameters, size, and dana35 ifs all match up...also both are reverse rotation... so is the only difference the position in carrier/case????? HELP

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