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dana 28

  1. Rusty88Ranger

    What's my Ranger worth?

    Hello all, new to this forum and looking for some opinions on how much this truck is worth. I have a 1988 Ford Ranger STX extended cab 4x4 5-speed manual with the 2.9l V6 engine. Miles shown on dash are around 60k miles but the odometer has rolled and least once so it has at least 160k...
  2. Pix3L8

    85 ranger STX lift question

    Hi guys, I have an 85 STX 2.8L ranger, the truck came with a 2in factory lift although I don't believe it has the "highrider" suspension. The suspension is at the end of its life and I wanted to add 2 inch coil spacers and an add-a-leaf in the back to fit the new shocks I purchased. The only...
  3. 87 ranger xlt hub issues

    hi i recently bought an 87 ranger xlt 4x4, was replacing the front passenger side bearing and notice the needle thrust bearing, bearing spacer, and the axle shaft spacer are missing. mine are auto locking hubs WITHOUT an inner and outer spindle nut. the spindle nut on there is a hex nut, not a...
  4. Dana 28 Spindle Stud Kit?

    Ok, so I was working on my Ranger in Auto Class. simple enough, right? Wrong. My teacher and I agreed that this is the first time the front has probably had maintenance done on it since 1986; with that being said, it's pretty ugly. We were taking out the Spindle and replacing the Bearings...
  5. Is a Dana 35 a direct bolt in for the Dana 28??

    I'm putting a 351W in my 85 BII and need to beef up the front diff. I've read about the Dana 35 swap, but no one has enough detail about wether i can just bolt it in and get a shorter driveshaft or if i need to replace the whole front Twin Beam. I'd like to be able to just unbolt the 28 and junk...

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