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daily driver

  1. PacoTaco1000

    Meet my 88’ project Bronco

    Last October, I was looking for my first vehicle and found this 88’ B2 for sale in Spokane, Washington on Facebook marketplace. My father taught me how to drive stick in his 88’ B2 That he bought a couple years ago to teach me and my siblings and I was looking for one of my own since hisgot me...
  2. BreadPigeon

    Is there any hope for my current ranger?

    First off: Hopefully not another dream thread! 2005 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0 Automatic - Torsion Bar Extended Cab 210,000 Mechanical Experiance: Rebuilt 4 stroke dirtbike motors - Moderate to High on cars - Done just about everything but a motor swap. Tools and workspace - good to go! Side note...
  3. "White Lighting" Daily Driver 05 Ranger

    OK been meaning to make this thread for while didn't know a good place to post it up so here it goes! Background: I had a 94 mustang that broke on me so i was car-less and broke (from owning a mustang) and a friend of mine told me that he was gonna donate the truck because he couldn't get it...
  4. 2007 b4000

    Hey Guys I just bought a 2007 B4000 a couple months ago loaded up with the Se+ package as well as the 4x4, and the V6. I know that people are talking a lot about getting high horsepower/torque numbers but I'm just looking for some everyday driving power. A little more kick at low RPM's say...

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