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  1. BruceG

    1997 2.3 pit in number 1 cylinder

    I recently bought a 1997 ford ranger 2.3 5 spd. It had the symptoms of a blowed head gasket. After pulling the head it was revealed that number 1 piston had melted on right side to 2nd ring. Aluminum was stuck to cylinder. I had it bored .020 over, after getting block back , I found a pit where...
  2. 93 Ford Ranger

    I changed the spark plugs in my 1993 Ford Ranger and at first it ran really good. I live in Arkansas and am in Texas visiting and I was going to go back to Arkansas this week end. Now my Ranger is running on 3 cylinders. Any ideas what could be wrong? Please help! :shok:
  3. Are my cylinders bad?

    I have a 93 with 10" drums and I'm trying to replace the shoes and springs. After I put everything back in place I had my wife press the petal only to see the shoes not move. My question is would I be able to see the shoes spread when the brake petal is applied? I see them spread when the...

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