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custom paint

  1. TexasDuck66

    Paint Estimate

    Hey there, I've been a avid fan of 1st and 2nd Gen Rangers for a while now. I got rid of my 88' 2WD Auto a few months ago in hopes of finding a nice 4x4 '5 Speed 83-92 model Ranger. I finally found one, a single cab 83' with the 2.3L, 4x4, '4 Speed Manual. The interior has been redone to black...
  2. 3d drawing/rendering programs

    Hey i'm looking for a good computer-aided drawing progfam for designing custom interior/exterior schemes, i'm not very tech savvy or particularly rich so cheap and simple would be nice, i use 32bit windows 7 and a galaxy2 , i'm basically just sick of importing pictures to microsoft paint, as you...

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