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  1. Crank position sensor replacement, pointers?

    So I'm going to replace my crank sensor on my 1994 california spec ranger 2.3l. it seems that this can be difficult. can anyone give me a walkthrough on this?
  2. B3000 will only start with solenoid jumped

    I'm sorry if this is a duplicate, but I'm having trouble getting the forum to accept my post. My B3000 was cranking very reliably before I replaced the water pump. Now it will only crank by jumping the solenoid. It runs beautifully, and everything works. There is voltage at fuse #24 inside the...
  3. 1996 2.3 Timing trouble

    I am changing the timing belt on my 2.3 and am having trouble lining the timing marks up. They were lined up when I took the belt off, but I accidentally moved the truck while it was in gear just a hair (I know it should have been in neutral, I've already face palmed because of this). I can...
  4. Cranked too much??

    This past weekend I finally decided to level my truck by cranking my torsion bars. Initially, my truck sat at 34.5" from ground level to the bottom of fender wells. I only wanted to crank them 1.75" so as not to cause too much wear on my front end components. I was able to crank them to achieve...
  5. Vacuum Problem?

    I've lurked for years, though never had any problems worthy of you guys. Hopefully you can help... My vehicle had been running rough for a while. I finally got around to checking it out and replaced two vacuum hoses. Now, it is very difficult to start the vehicle (it'll turn over for a while...

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