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  1. Sharky146

    Ranger Center Console Armrest Fix

    Hey guys. Every Ranger I’ve owned had a cracked, worn out center console armrest. Usually I try to find a decent junkyard armrest, but they’re generally disgusting from 20 years of someone’s arm grease. So, this time I decided to repair my armrest and made a short YouTube tutorial. It’s...
  2. 96 ranger 2.3 cracked engine block

    Well, what I thought was just a leaking head gasket ended up being a crack from one of the cooling ports outwards toward the exhaust manifold, and about an inch down the side of the block. Pretty upset about it but I guess my question is, can these be successfully welded? I’m not willing to pull...
  3. 4.0 SOHC rebuild questions

    Hello everyone, I've got either a cracked head or a leaking, not quite blown, head gasket. I will be pulling the motor tranny combo when I do the work as I plan on also doing the timing chains while I'm in there and I figured the work space would be nice. I've never done work the intrusive...

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