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coil pack

  1. 3.0 distributor to coil pack need help

    I have a 1995 4x4 ranger that has cracked heads or block. I found a good 3.0 out of a 1995 Areostar that i can buy cheap but it has a distributor and my truck has coil pack ignition. My question is will the Aerostar motor work and if so what i have to do to swap it to coil pack ignition?. Im...
  2. Runs rough, plug wires, coil pack help

    I have a 1998 Ranger v6 3.0 automatic which I bought last year. It ran rough at first with shaking and then when it warmed up, fired on all six. There was also an engine code P0302 (misfire on #2). I just replaced the plugs and wires and the old plugs looked like they had a .100 gap (all...
  3. mobile madness

    91' 4.0l idle and throttle trouble

    recently i swapped my blown up automatic for a manual, rebuilt the motor and put headers on. ran great! exhuast leak happened and blew a gasket. yanked motor and two of the stage 8 locking header bolts broke! many others bent just buy unbolting them. dont buy them if you value your truck cuz...
  4. 1989 Ranger 2.3 distributor-less to distributor ignition?

    Hello Im new here, my name is Matthew. Well I have bought my first 1989 Ranger 2.3l 4x4 xlt, $450 on Craigslist no motor, it originally had the distributor-less ignition (8 plug head). Well I have a 1988 Mustang 2.3, only problem is it is distributor instead of the distributor-less. I have been...

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