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clutch master cylinder

  1. Acgallen

    302/ZF5 Swapped Ranger Hydraulic Problems

    Hello TRS, hopefully ya'll can save my ass at least one more time. Finally got the engine running with no prevalent problems there yet, but when I wanted to move the newly started truck, I wasn't able to put the truck into gear while running. Turned the engine off and pushed through all the...
  2. the dude man

    2010 Clutch Master Replacement / Bench Bleeding

    Figured I needed to change my clutch master cylinder the other week, the truck had issues going into gear. Not gonna act like I had any clue what I was doing- I still don't. Thought I'd post about it here see if I can't save anyone some trouble. You're gonna wanna bring a friend. Disclaimer, I'm...
  3. 1996 3.0L Slave Cylinder and Clutch Master Cylinder

    Hey everyone, So I have been having issues finding quality slave cylinders and clutch master cylinders for my 1996 RWD 3.0L Ranger. About 5 years ago we had the clutch and pressure plate replaced, and about 2 years later had the slave cylinder go out on us. When we went to replace it, we found...
  4. Converting my Manual Mazda M50D-R1 to an Automatic Transmission

    Hi, I've got a 1996 2WD 3.0L Ford Ranger with a Mazda M50D-R1 Transmission in it. The transmission itself is in great shape, but as of late I've been having problem after problem with my clutch assembly. First the slave cylinder went, then a week after having it fixed the clutch master cylinder...

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