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cluster swap

  1. 1992redranger

    Dashboard Instrument Cluster Swap

    Hello all! The speedometer, odometer, and gas gauge stopped working in my 1992 Ranger, 2.3 4CYL, manual transmission. Lucky me, though, because I found a replacement cluster off a 1990 Ranger, 2.3 4CYL (Ebay listing here). I'm hoping to swap out the cluster myself, but have never done this...
  2. Cluster gauge help ranger

    I have a 96 ranger with a 2.3l. It had the cluster with no tachometer and I swapped it for one that came out of a 95. Everything is working but the coolant temp gauge. It worked in the other cluster perfect. I ended up taking both all the way apart to take out the gauge it self and swap them. It...
  3. xX_STX_Xx

    87 ranger Cluster Swap. Need help!

    Im tryin to find a custom instrument cluster that looks good in an 87 ranger. is there any custom ones that i can buy that are plug and play?? or, if i could, how do you replace the lights behind the instrument cluster?? im tryin to get them to match my red LEDs beneath my dash. Any help or...

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