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  1. Catalytic converter

    Anybody have any experience/tips or tricks cleaning them? Thinking about taking it off and maybe soaking and pressure washing it. I have a some minimal experience working on my own truck but am no mechanic. I just dumped a good bit of money into my ranger with a good ol’ boy mechanic just to...
  2. generic

    How to clean injector seats?

    I'm replacing fuel rail gaskets and injector o-rings and am almost ready to reinstall the fuel rail, but there is a lot of grime and carbon build-up in the injector seats. Is there a way to clean them out without dumping the crud down into the manifold? I don't have a shop vac and I wasn't able...
  3. 06RangerXLT

    Dam this truck cleans up nice!

    so i decided since i had some time off (:yahoo:) id clean the truck. and i mean REALLY clean the truck. so heres my end results. i love wheelin but i like a shiny truck sooooo much better lol :icon_hornsup: \ By the way. its almost 5 years old and 42,500km. for the americans in the crowd...

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