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  1. will.moyer

    chop top project

    ok ive seen it but i dont know how to do it and ive looked though the search but found nothing, i want to chop my b2 top ether all the way or up to the front seats. i know you can put a jeep roll cage or bars in but i was wondering about the top how can i fabricate it to put a jeep soft or...
  2. meskater132

    Chopping the Top on my BII

    I have a 1990 Ford bronco II 2.9ltr 5spd mitshu tranny So today I started the process of chopping the top on my BII :yahoo: so far started to gut the interior pulling carpet roof liner, and driver side body panneling. tommro i will start to pull the pass side, my plans are to -gut the...

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