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  1. jesselee20040

    help... distance between bellhousing and shifter??

    I am considering a drivetrain swap for my bronco II. I have a vortec 5.3 and nv3500 with a np 231c with a standalone harness. Can someone with a fm145/6 or a m50d-r1 out of a vehicle measure the distance between the bellhousing and the shifter? I know on the rangers the distance are all slightly...
  2. RockLobster01

    My Small Block Chevy Swap

    Hey guys, long time stalker, first time poster. I recently got my 350 Ranger on the road, and thought I'd share the journey with you guys. First I want to say how much I appreciate everyone's extra work in providing photos as well as asking/answering questions on this forum. I have NEVER had...
  3. Towing a 1997 4 cylinder regular cab Ford Ranger

    I have a 1997 ford Ranger regular cab. It's a 4 cylinder. I was wondering if my 2005 chevy equinox would be able to tow the ranger. The towing capacity for the chevy is 3500. I have never towed a car before and I am moving to california next year for the military. Please respond if you can...

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